Since I started the development of the plugin, I always kept in mind that I had to make proper documentation available to everyone. will help me in this task. I have some nice plans, but I’m still figuring out which content hierarchy would fit the best all the thematics I want to cover here. So far I came out with the following specs:


  • Post type: Post
  • Taxonomy: Category

News about the plugin, ACF, WordPress and others plugin related to ACF. I would like to cover several topics here, so I will use category taxonomy to split content.


  • Post type: Tutorial
  • Taxonomy: Tutorial Type

I started to really dive in ACF code few years ago. Just like when you learn a new framework, I made several mistakes and found out how to use it and hook it properly.

There were some spare online resources that helped me a lot, like the ACF Forum (and the awesome John Huebner alias the “eagle guy” as we call him in the open-space). But there’s not much structured site delivering precise tips & tricks. Well, it’s the aim of the Tutorials section.


  • Post types: ACF/fields ACF/functions ACF/hooks ACF/modules
  • Relationship: Tutorial

The website’s core. I would like to write advanced documentation for specific ACF fields, functions, hooks and modules here. I will also add some for WordPress and ACF Extended too.