What are the requirements?

ACF Extended Pro requires at least WordPress 4.9 and Advanced Custom Fields Pro 5.8 or higher.

Do I also need to install ACF Extended Free?

No. ACF Extended Pro includes all ACF Extended Free features & updates. Migrating from Free to Pro is easy. Simply disable the Free extension and activate the Pro version.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, according to our refund policy, if it's requested within 14 days of purchase.

Can I upgrade my license to higher plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your license at any time. You will only need to cover the price difference. You can easily manage your licenses from your account.

What happens when my license expires?

License keys are subscription-based and will automatically renew every year. If you decide to cancel, you may still use the extension but you will not receive updates or support once the license key expires.

Can I transfer a license to another domain?

Absolutely. You can activate or deactive a license from the plugin admin panel at any time. You can also manage your license keys directly from your account.

How does a license apply to development sites?

The domain URL must matches one of these: localhost,,,, *.dev, .*local, dev.*, staging.*

What kind of support do you offer?

We provide one-to-one support through our ticket system or via Slack, means you would get helps faster and more accurate from us. Support does not offer customization.