ACF Extended Pro

  • Module: Templates – Fixed top-level Seamless Clones values not being correctly loaded
  • Module: Templates – Fixed Templates List columns data
  • Module: Global Conditional Logic – Fixed Field Group Locations when using a Global Field on the “Add Term” screen
  • Module: Global Conditional Logic – Enhanced Field Group Locations to only use matched groups when using the same field on different screens
  • Module: Global Conditional Logic – Fixed ACF Ajax Screen rules being incorrectly applied
  • Field: Date Range Picker – Fixed “Default Start/End” settings not working correctly
  • Field: Date Range Picker – Added “Show Dropdowns” settings
  • Field: Date Range Picker – Enhanced dropdowns CSS
  • Field: Flexible Content – Grid System – Renamed “Wrap” setting to “No Wrap” for consistency
  • Field: Payment – Fixed Conditional Logic not working correctly
  • Field: Payment – Fixed “Incorrect Payment Data” in Summary Render when there was no items saved
  • Field: Payment – Enhanced Summary Render & Data validation
  • Field: Payment – Fixed recursive “Payment Field Selection” when payment fields are inside sub fields
  • Field: Post Field – Taxonomy – Fixed initialization with non-hierarchical taxonomy
  • Field: Post Field – Editor – Added delayed re-initialization
  • Field: Post Object – Fixed “Allow Creation” setting not triggering Conditional Logic on post creation
  • Field: WYSIWYG – Added “Auto Init” setting when using “Delay Init”

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Ajax Authorbox – Fixed disappearing authorbox when ACF Ajax Screen is triggered (category selection etc…)
  • Module: Clean Orphan Meta – Enhanced logic for cloned fields with sub fields
  • Module: Forms – Enhanced acfe/form/prepare arguments when using return false
  • Module: Developer Mode – Fixed potential PHP notice when using Local Field Groups
  • Module: Developer Mode – ACFE_DEV & ACFE_SUPER_DEV constants are now uppercase
  • Module: Options UI – Fixed orderby column sanitization
  • Module: Single Meta – Fixed Preview Changes not working correctly with Single Meta
  • Field: Columns – Fixed CSS when used inside Tabs Aligned Left
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed “Modal Select Size” being always forced to “Full”
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed sub fields CSS when displayed inside a “Modal Edit” from the Sidebar
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed sidebar Gutenberg title CSS glitch
  • Field: WYSIWYG – Fixed “Delay init” setting being automatically initialized on page load
  • Field Groups: Fixed potential PHP notice when no Field Group are saved in DB in the “Sync Available” Tab
  • Locations: Post Type list/Taxonomy list/User list/Attachment list – Fixed Flexible Content field initialization
  • Locations: Post Type list/Taxonomy list/User list/Attachment list – Fixed fields CSS padding
  • General: Added acfe_get_field_descendants() & acfe_map_any_field() helpers
  • General: Fixed native ACF 5.11 bug with multiple front-end forms which wrongly trigger validation when one one field was requried
  • General: Fixed acfe/validate_save_post to correctly work with acfe_add_validation_error() helper
  • General: Enhanced Select2 CSS integration for ACF 5.10/5.11.3/5.11.4 and YOAST
  • General: Enhanced french translation
  • General: Code Cleanup & Formatting

Version History

ACF Extended

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