ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: Flexible Content – Added “Layouts Locations Rules” setting
  • Field: Flexible Content Grid System – Fixed undefined index in get_flexible_grid() when using “Container Size” setting
  • Field: Flexible Content Grid System – Added has_flexible_grid() helper
  • Field: Flexible Content Grid System – has_flexible_grid()get_flexible_grid() & get_flexible_grid_class() now accept a post id as 2nd parameter
  • Field: Checkbox/Radio – Added Dynamic Render Choice hooks
  • Field: Added Phone Number field
  • Field: Added Countries Selector field
  • Field: Added Languages Selector field
  • Field: Added Currencies Selector field
  • Field: Added Post Formats Selector field
  • Field: Color Picker – Added selected palette border color compatibility for gradients
  • Field: Columns – Added “Fill” size and swapped the setting with “Auto” size. The “Auto” size will now fit the field size
  • Field: Select – Added “Prepend” & “Append” settings
  • Field: Image Selector – Choices are now compatible with value : image logic, allowing developers to save a custom value instead of Image ID/URL
  • Field: Image Selector – Removed gallery setting selector due to unecessary complexity. Choices are now all merged into one single setting
  • Field: Relationship – Enhanced Gutenberg post update detection for the Inline Add/Edit Post settings
  • Field: Color Picker – Fixed RGBA library not being correctly initialized in the Gutenberg Editor
  • Field: Date Range Picker – Fixed the JS not being correctly initialized in the Gutenberg Editor
  • Field: Date Range Picker – Enhanced CSS Style of invalid dates to match the ACF Date Picker style
  • Field: WYSIWYG – Fixed potential PHP warning when using an inexisting toolbar
  • Module: Force Sync – Fixed json file timestamp update during the sync
  • Field Settings: Required message – It is now recommended to use {label} to display the field label instead of the previous %s, for consistency (%s will still work)

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: Advanced Link – Fixed typo in the field settings
  • Field: Columns – Fixed Field Group Seamless Style columns render
  • Field: Enhanced UI – Fixed “Add New Term” button on Taxonomy List when using Tabs
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed “Inline Title Edit” setting generating a duplicated layout title when using “Modal Edit” setting
  • Field: Flexible Content – Enhanced “Disable Legacy Ajax Title” & “Async Layouts” settings UI
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added missing “Hide Collapse” action setting
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed “Locked” layout handle cursor CSS
  • Field: Forms – Added missing “Search placeholder” setting when using “Select” Field Type
  • Field: ReCaptcha – Value are now updated silently to avoid triggering the acf_changed popup logic
  • Field: Select2 – Enhanced various CSS Style
  • Field: Taxonomy Terms – Added missing “Search placeholder” setting when using “Select” Field Type
  • Field: Text – Fixed input wrap overflow CSS (while waiting for ACF to fix it)
  • Fields: Fixed “Placeholder” & “Search placeholder” conditional logic when using “Select” field type
  • Module: Forms – Removed reCaptcha field type from {fields} Template Tag render
  • Module: Forms – Enhanced field mapping hook with the form context
  • Module: Options Pages – Fixed PHP notice when using a Sub Options Page with the latest ACF Pro 5.9.6 update
  • Module: Settings UI – Fixed “Modification in code” not being correctly rendered
  • Field Groups: Hide On Screen – Fixed Classic Content Editor appearing when should be hidden, while using a second Field Group Hide on Screen and selecting a category
  • Compatibility: GraphQL: Fixed typo in Taxonomy Terms field registration
  • Compatibility: GraphQL: Added basic field values resolvers (while waiting for official third party implementation documentation)
  • General: Added acfe_is_gutenberg() helper
  • General: Enhanced Readme

Version History

ACF Extended

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