ACF Extended Pro

  • Modules: Added “Bulk Sync Changes from DB/JSON/PHP” feature
  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed field when copy/pasted within a Flexible Content
  • Field: Color Picker – Fixed “Palette” tooltip title being duplicated on change

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Form – Fixed acfe/form/submit_post_args not passing new post_id to fields if changed
  • Module: Form – Fixed {field:field_6635cd66ba409} not working with group subfields
  • Module: Form – Fixed Post Thumbnail reset when a Form has no post thumbnail
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed “Settings Modal” subfields loop within a sub flexible content
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed “Copy/Paste Layout” not working on non-HTTPS environments
  • Field: Taxonomy Terms – Enhanced front-end forms compatibility
  • Field: Taxonomy Terms – Improved {field:taxonomy_terms} tag format
  • Field: Taxonomy – Enhanced front-end forms compatibility