ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: File – Improved default values implementation
  • Field: File – Fixed Preview Style “Select2” setting render styling
  • Field: WYSIWYG – Fixed “Custom Toolbar” setting not working correctly in ACF 6.0 UI
  • Field Settings: Min/Max – Added settings as default values in related fields
  • Module: Scripts – Improved validation process to only trigger inside page wrapper
  • General: Fixed ACF 6.0 CSS on ACF “Updates” page

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: Image/File – Fixed undefined index notice when ACFE Form forced specific uploader type
  • Field: Flexible Content – Clear fields storage in Field Group UI to avoid third party plugins messing with it
  • Module: Forms – Reverted logic for the Image/File/Gallery media modal
  • Field Groups: Fixed Advanced Settings/Validation settings not working correctly in ACF 6.0 UI
  • General: Added several ACF 6.0 Field Groups CSS fixes
  • General: Hooks – Added acf_add_filter_variations() to general hooks
  • General: Enhanced acfe_is_admin_screen() helper
  • General: Enhanced ftype js logic to avoid overriding prototype
  • General: Enhanced acfe.fieldExtend js logic & added dependencies
  • General: Enhanced js helpers