ACF Extended Pro

  • Field Groups: WP Settings Locations – Added new “General Settings”, “Writing”, “Reading”, “Discussion”, “Media” & “Permalinks” locations
  • Module: Global Field Condition – Fixed compatibility with required fields
  • Module: Dynamic Templates – Added Polylang/WPML compatibility
  • Module: Dynamic Templates – Improved code logic & compatibility with Clone fields
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Added “Options Page Action”. Allowing to Save & Load meta to ACF Options Page
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed “Email Action” to correctly use Multiple Upload files
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed Multiple Upload files on front-end for not logged users
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed Multiple Upload & Dropzone in Basic mode on Firefox
  • Field: Relationship/Post Object – Fixed Inline Post Creation when only one post type was allowed in the field setting

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Enhanced UI – Improved logic, compatibility and style. ACF Field Groups can now use any position and any style in Users & Terms views
  • Module: Enhanced UI – Fixed Terms WPML widget compatibility
  • Module: Dynamic Post Types – “Archive Page” submenu is now correctly translated
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed values loaded from Clones Fields in Seamless display
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Enhanced Image/File format value when using the {field:my_file} Template Tag
  • Module: Multilang – Added “Current Language” text widget in Options Page submit box
  • Module: Multilang – Polylang – Added fallback to “Default Language” in Options Page values if a translated option was never saved before
  • Module: Multilang – Polylang – Fixed “Dynamic Forms” & “Dynamic Template” post types detection
  • Module: PHP AutoSync – Fixed Local Field Group detection when using a custom submenu on the ACF Field Group menu
  • Core: Added default in core JS
  • Core: Fixed ACF Pro 5.8 JS compatibility
  • Core: Fixed Google Map suggestions z-index CSS in modals

ACF Extended

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