ACF Extended Pro

  • Module: Added “Screen Layouts” module allowing to customize Post Edit Screen up to 3 columns
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added “Container Size” setting in the get_flexible_grid() helper
  • Field: “Menus” & “Menu Locations” – Added compatibility with min/max items settings
  • Field: Added “ACFE Template” Selector field
  • Field: Added “ACF Block Types” Selector field
  • Field: Added “ACF Field Groups” Selector field
  • Field: Added “ACF Field Types” Selector field
  • Field: Added “ACF Fields” Selector field
  • Field: Added “ACF Options Pages” Selector field
  • Field: Post Field – Fixed field type category translation

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: reCaptcha – Fixed missing field Site key & Secret Key on field render
  • Fields: Fields types are now sorted in ASC order in the Field Group UI
  • Fields: Added “ACF” & “WordPress” Field Types Categories in the Field Group UI to declutter the “Relational” category
  • Module: Forms – Fixed empty get_field() used inside an action when a previous action saved additional meta
  • Module: Forms – Fixed Form Name not being correctly updated when changed
  • Locations: Post Type Archive – Added acfe/post_type_archive_capability filter to change Archive Page admin menu capability
  • Locations: Post Type Archive – Admin menu item on front-end now correctly check the user permissions
  • Field Groups: Permissions – Fixed undefined index notice when using the permission setting
  • General: Fixed “ACF Title” metabox position to become usable with drag&drop function when empty (while waiting for ACF to fix it)

ACF Extended

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