ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: Added Advanced “Color Picker” field settings with RGBA support, Palette display style, Custom predefined colors & Allow null
  • Field: Added “Date Range Picker” field with Custom ranges, No weekends, Min/max date & Min/max days support
  • Field: Flexible Content Grid System – Fixed sub Flexible Content Grid CSS bug
  • Field: Flexible Content Grid System – Tweaked get_flexible_grid_class() prefix
  • Field: Fields Selector – Added “Field Name” return value setting
  • Field: Post Field – Fixed Permalink “Save” & “Cancel” missing text when editing a permalink
  • Module: Added “Force Sync” module allowing to automatically sync Json Files to DB with the newest version
  • Module: Dynamic Template – Improved instruction
  • Module: Global Conditional Logic – Fixed compatibility with Terms & Users screen when Enhanced UI is disabled

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: Clone – Fixed internal ACFE module field groups which where selectable in clone
  • Field: Google reCaptcha – Renamed the field to Google reCaptcha
  • Field: Post Object – Fixed duplicated post creation when using “Custom Value” setting
  • Module: Forms – Fixed Clone Render when using “Override Form Render” settings
  • Module: Forms – Fixed “Redirect Action” named hook not working with a custom action name
  • Module: Forms – Added render actions hooks
  • Module: Forms – Fixed acfe_import_form() function
  • Module: Block Types – Changed the “Mode” setting default value to “Preview”, as in the documentation
  • Module: Multilang – Options Post ID options can now be excluded from the module translation
  • Module: Multilang – Added acfe/modules/multilang/exclude_options filter to exclude specific Options Post ID from module translation
  • Module: Multilang – Added acfe/modules/multilang/include_options filter to include specific Options Post ID from module translation
  • Module: Multilang – Deprecated the acfe/modules/multilang/options filter
  • Module: Multilang – WPML string translations now use wpml_translate_single_string instead of __()
  • Module: Settings UI – Fixed potential duplicated table thead columns
  • Module: Enhanced UI – Fixed possible metaboxes screen name collision with taxonomy name
  • General: ACFE Modal – Fixed show_field on modal open
  • General: ACFE Modal – Fixed possible duplicate field instructions in repeaters
  • General: The acfe_get_post_id() helper now correctly retrieve the Post ID in ACF Block Types
  • General: Fixed get_fields() calls in acfe/save hooks when a bidirectional value is set
  • General: Enhanced Local Meta logic
  • General: Enhanced acfe/save & acfe/validate_save hooks logic
  • General: Code format cleanup
  • Compatibility: Added ACFE Field Types to WP GraphQL ACF plugin

ACF Extended

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