ACF Extended Pro

  • Module: Form – Added Ajax Submission feature
  • Module: Form – Ajax Submission can be enabled in the Form “Settings” tab

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Form – Added “Scroll to message” setting in the “Success” tab
  • Module: Form – Enhanced acfe/form/load_form strategy
  • Module: Form – Enhanced map argument to allow override loaded values from Actions
  • Module: Form – Enhanced {render:field_name} to first search within mapped field groups
  • Module: Form – Renamed acfe/form/success_form to acfe/form/render_success for consistency
  • Module: Form – Added acfe/form/submit_success as very early hook, in page headers
  • Module: Form – Fixed Select field “Custom Value” setting compatibility with forms
  • Module: Form – Fixed duplicate rows in {field:repeater} Template Tag
  • Module: Form – Added missing wpautop() on Success Message
  • Module: Form – Minor CSS compatibility tweaks for mac
  • Module: Form – User Action – Fixed the “Roles” load value as raw array
  • Module: AutoSync – Fixed PHP files not being correctly deleted when Field Group was removed using a custom path
  • Field Groups – Local – Fixed missing “Local” tab when there are only AutoSync PHP files
  • Field Groups: Minor CSS tweaks
  • Field: reCaptcha – Reworked & enhanced code logic
  • Settings UI: Fixed missing reCaptcha ACF settings in the “Fields” tab