• Field: Flexible Content – Fixed “Copy/Paste” function which wasn’t working correctly with WYSIWYG & Code Editor fields since the latest ACF 5.9 update
  • Field: Column – Columns sizes are now based on a grid of 12 (1/12, 2/12, 3/12, 4/12 …)
  • Field: Taxonomy – Added compatibility with “Value equal”, “Value not equal”, “Value pattern” & “Value contains” conditional logic
  • Field: Select – “Placeholder” setting is now only available when “Stylised UI” is enabled with “Allow multiple” or “Allow null”
  • Module: Dynamic Post Type – Fixed “Post Type Archive Location = All” which incorrectly matched Options Pages
  • Module: Dynamic Post Type – “Edit Post Type Archive” Admin bar item is now only displayed when the “Admin Archive Page” setting is enabled
  • Module: Dynamic Post Type/Taxonomy – WP Permalinks are now automatically regenerated on each save
  • Module: Dynamic Options Pages – Sub Options Pages are now ordered based on the “Position” setting
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed an issue where visitors could not upload Image/File when using the WP modal field setting
  • Module: PHP AutoSync – Updated save logic to match the new ACF 5.9.1 version (See ACF Pro 5.9.1 changelog)
  • Field Groups – Added more width to the “Fields” column
  • General: JS & CSS files are now minified and concatenated. SCRIPT_DEBUG controls the unminified version
  • General: Fixed potential error during plugin activation when ACF Pro wasn’t activated
  • General: Gutenberg – Enhanced WP Metabox Styles

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