• Module: AutoSync – Reworked codebase, enhanced Field Groups Columns and added more information about files/folders detection
  • Module: AutoSync – Added filters to target a specific field group for the PHP & Json save
  • Module: AutoSync – Fixed an issue where “Available Json Sync” wouldn’t be visible if the field group was using PHP Sync
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed missing “Log User” icon in the Forms List screen
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Added {current}{get_field}{get_option}{query_var}{request} mapping in the “Custom Form Render” setting
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Added acfe-form to available post types in Polylang
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Local Field Groups can now be mapped
  • Field Groups: Added Export PHP & Export Json to bulk actions
  • Field Groups: Description column is now hidden by default
  • Field Groups: Local – Added Export PHP, Export Json & Sync to database to bulk actions
  • Field Groups: Categories – Added acfe/modules/categories setting to disable the custom taxonomy
  • Field: Post Object – Fixed undefined PHP function when using the “Allow custom value” setting with ACF version below 5.8.10
  • Field: Columns – Fixed “Endpoint” description typo
  • General: Settings – Fixed postbox header CSS
  • General: Compatibility – Fixed Post Type Order plugin which automatically drag&drop on ACF Field Groups UI
  • General: Bumped minimum ACF Pro version to 5.8

ACF Extended

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