ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: Added “Image Selector” field
  • Field: Added “Image Sizes Selector” field
  • Field: Column – Added “Column Auto” size setting
  • Field: Column – Added “Column Border” & “Fields Border” settings
  • Field: Color Picker – Fixed CSS Position of the Color Picker in palette mode
  • Module: Global Conditional Logic – Fixed multiple Conditional Groups not being correctly detected
  • Module: Templates – Enhanced Templates Values detection
  • Module: Templates – Added acf/init hook in the PHP Export code
  • Module: Templates – Added Template Detection on Term & Post Edit screens
  • Module: Templates – Fixed potential PHP notice in the Template UI sidebar when using a custom location
  • Fields: Added missing ACF Conditional Logic rules on Pro Fields (Block Types, Color Picker, Field Groups etc…)

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: Column – Upgraded CSS to use Flexbox
  • Module: Forms – Fixed Honeypot Field not being correctly rendered
  • Module: Forms – Fixed potential slashes on the Success Page when using Single Meta Save
  • Module: Forms – Fixed potential slashes in e-mail content & fields
  • Module: Forms – Added context & variations to the acfe/form/render hooks
  • Module: Multilang – Enhanced WPML String Translation Registration for all modules
  • Module: Dev Mode – The module now check the acf_current_user_can_admin() function
  • Module: Dev Mode – Tweaked CSS margin of the Bulk Action select
  • Module: Single Meta Save – Disabled “Save as individual meta” on Column, Google reCaptcha & Dynamic Message fields
  • Module: Single Meta Save – Fixed WP Revisions Comparison compatibility
  • Module: Single Meta Save – Fixed slashes in WP Revisions
  • Modules: Fixed Draft Post Status when an item is reverted from Trash
  • General: Local Meta – Enhanced preload Post ID logic

ACF Extended

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