• Module – Enhanced UI – Added WP User & WP Settings UI enhancements
  • Module – Enhanced UI – Taxonomies UI enhancements were moved in the to general Enhancement module. The setting acf_update_setting('acfe/modules/taxonomies') has been replaced by acf_update_setting('acfe/modules/ui')
  • Module: Dev Mode – Added “Field Type” column on ACF meta overview
  • Module: Dev Mode – Added “Autoload” column on Options meta overview
  • Module: Dev Mode – Added “Delete” action for each meta & options fields
  • Module: Dev Mode – Added “Bulk Delete” action
  • Module: Single Meta Save – Reworked codebase
  • Module: Single Meta Save – Added Options pages compatibility (disabled by default. See filter('acfe/modules/single_meta/options') usage in the readme to enable specific Options ID)
  • Module: Single Meta Save – Added filter('acfe/modules/single_meta/post_types') to allow specific post types only (default to: all)
  • Module: Single Meta Save – Added filter('acfe/modules/single_meta/taxonomies') to allow specific taxonomies only (default to: all)
  • Module: Single Meta Save – Fixed bidirectional setting which wasn’t working when Single Meta Save was enabled
  • Fields settings: Bidirectional – Added Self-bidirectional setting, allowing to link a field on itself
  • Fields settings: Bidirectional – Added Multi-bidirectional setting, allowing to link multiple fields
  • Field: Taxonomy Terms – Fixed a bug with last childs choices not being correctly rendered
  • Field: Code Editor – Fixed duplicated field from the Field Group UI when user cloned the field

ACF Extended

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