Roadmap: Features Requests

Add "Stylised UI" option to number fields to turn them in range field

Submitted by: Tristan | Work in progress

Import & Export Dynamic Post Types, Taxonomies, Options Pages & Block Types

Submitted by: Altendorfme | Work in progress

Taxonomy Field Conditional Rules

Submitted by: Loïc A. | Accepted

Import "Third Party" fields groups into DB

Submitted by: ACF Extended | Accepted

Allow optgroup in select fields

Submitted by: Tristan | Accepted

Add Google Place Autocomplete field

Submitted by: Damien Chtlv | Accepted

Add readonly settings to fields

Submitted by: Tristan | Accepted

Add an input counter on text and textearea fields that have character limits

Submitted by: Tristan | Pending

Add an edit link in the relationship field to quickly edit a post

Submitted by: Tristan | Accepted

Add country/language select field

Submitted by: Tristan | Pending