• Field: Flexible Content – Completely revamped Flexible Content JavaScript for a more solid & optimized code
  • Field: Flexible Content – Automatically scroll to the layout position when adding a new layout
  • Field: Flexible Content – Automatically open layout edition modal when adding a new layout
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added ‘Close’ (collapse) button at the bottom of layout when opened
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed typo error in the ‘Paste Layouts’ prompt
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added Flexbox CSS compatibility
  • Field: Flexible Content – Better Multi Modal Handling (modal inside a modal inside a modal…)
  • Field: Flexible Content – Better Field Validation Handling inside layouts
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added has_flexible($field_name, $post_id) front-end function to check if rows exists
  • Field: Flexible Content Control – Automatically scroll to the new layout position when using ‘Clone Layout’
  • Field: Flexible Content Control – Fixed ‘Clone Layout’ when an already cloned layout had an ‘Editor’ field
  • Field: Flexible Content Control – Fixed ‘Clone Layout’ unwanted icon when a layout had an ‘Accordion’ field
  • Field: Advanced Validation/Update – The settings are now hidden on non-necessary fields (Clone, Flexible content, Tabs etc…)
  • Module: Dynamic Options Pages – Now forces a unique slug to avoid duplication
  • Module: Dynamic Post Types/Taxonomies/Options Pages & Block Types – Manual Json export has been removed from possible actions on the trashed status screen
  • Module: Options – Fixed a CSS enqueue problem introduced in last patch
  • Location: Post Type Archive & Taxonomy Archive options now use ACF multi-languages settings
  • General: Removed jQuery UI & jQuery UI Dialog dependency (ACF Extended now uses its own lightweight modal system)

ACF Extended

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