ACF Extended Pro

  • Module: Added “Dynamic Templates” module allowing to manage advanced field groups default values based on post type, taxonomy, user etc…
  • Field: Google Map – Added “Preview”, “Height”, “Zoom”, “Min/Max Zoom”, “Marker Image”, “Map Type”, “Hide UI”, “Hide Zoom”, “Hide Map Type”, “Hide Fullscreen”, “Hide Streetview”, “Map Style”, “API Key” settings
  • Field: WYSIWYG – Added “Height”, “Remove path”, “Disable resize”, “Menu bar”, “Transparent editor”, “Merge Toolbars”, “Customize Toolsbars” settings
  • Field: Post Object – Added “Inline Post Edit” & “Inline Post Creation” settings
  • Field: Relationship – Added “Inline Post Edit” & “Inline Post Creation” settings
  • Field: Post Field – Added field, allowing to move native WP Post fields: Attributes, Author, Comments, Content, Date, Discussion, Excerpt, Featured Image, Name, Permalink, Preview, Revisions, Revisions list, Status, Title, Trackbacks, Visibility inside a field group
  • Field Groups: Post Locations – Added “Post Author”, “Post Author Role”, “Post Date”, “Post Date Time”, “Post Path”, “Post Screen”, “Post Slug”, “Post Time”, “Post Title” conditional rules
  • Field Groups: Taxonomy Locations – Added “Taxonomy Term”, “Taxonomy Term name”, “Taxonomy Term Parent”, “Taxonomy Term Slug”, “Taxonomy Term Type” conditional rules
  • Field Setting: Added “Global Field Condition” setting allowing to use the field value as a Field Group conditional rule
  • Field Setting: Added “Required Message” setting allowing to customize the field required message
  • Field Setting: Added “Min/max” setting allowing to customize the minimum & maximum items for the following fields: Checkbox, Post Object, Select, Taxonomy, Forms, Post Statuses, Post Types, Taxonomies, Taxonomy Terms, User Roles

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Json AutoSync – Fixed an issue where json file would not be updated when the field group was created without ACF Extended (Json Sync checkbox was unchecked)
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Added the ability to pass an array to the acfe_form() function allowing to override settings
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed Elementor + YOAST inifinite loop when using the  shortcode to create a new post
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Post/Term/User Actions load values setting is now disabled by default
  • Module: Dynamic Post Type – Updated Block Editor instructions for the show_in_rest setting
  • Module: Dynamic Taxonomy – Updated Block Editor instructions for the show_in_rest setting
  • Field: Hidden – Fixed the field render when in table element
  • Field: Columns – Enhanced Field Group UI
  • Field: Columns – Hidden in Users / Terms views to avoid display problem (Due to table render)
  • Field: Advanced Link – Fixed ACF CSS that adds a display:none on sub fields buttons
  • Field: Taxonomy Terms – Added hook filter('acfe/fields/taxonomy_terms/query', $args, $field, $post_id) to change the ajax query

ACF Extended

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