ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed WP 6.3 compatibility
  • Field: Block Editor – Enhanced WP 6.0 / 6.1 / 6.2 compatibility
  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed duplicated field when using “Duplicate” action with a Flexible Content/Repeater
  • Field: Color Picker – Fixed Theme Json Resolver deprecated notice since WP 6.2
  • Field: Payment – Fixed PayPal credentials field settings width for better usability
  • Field: Phone Number – Updated Libphonenumber PHP Addon to latest 8.13.21 version
  • Field: Phone Number – Fixed Libphonenumber PHP Addon deprecated notice
  • Module: Performance – Added auto upgrade for single_meta into performance ultra when using Settings UI
  • Core: Fixed PHP 8 deprecated notice on ACF/ACFE Updates admin page

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Form – Fixed PHP 8 deprecated notice when creating a new form
  • Module: Form – Fixed escaping in [acfe_form] attributes shortcode
  • Module: Performance – Removed unnecessary “Save as individual meta” field setting when module is disabled
  • Compatibility: ACF 6.2 – Added sidebar column in the new ACF Options Pages UI
  • Compatibility: Profile Builder – Fixed PHP notice in settings page
  • Compatibility: Query Monitor – Updated internal trigger notice function to correctly register as “Doing it wrong”
  • Core: Updated Readme