• Field: Flexible Content – Removed ‘Layouts Thumbnail as Preview’ setting. You should now use ‘Layouts: Dynamic Preview’
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added ‘Layouts: Dynamic Preview’ (‘Layouts: Render’ setting must be turned ON)
  • Field: Flexible Content – Reworked layouts settings order (better readability)
  • Field: Flexible Content – Modal Edition title now removes eventual extra HTML tags (thanks @Thomas D.)
  • Field: Flexible Content – Modal Edition CSS has been fixed on Gutenberg Editor view (thanks @Val)
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed ‘Empty Message’ placeholder setting using wrong __() function (thanks @illiminal)
  • Field: Flexible Content – Removed query vars from get_flexible(). Global variables $layout & $field can be used in the template to retrieve current settings
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added global variable $is_preview which is true when the template file is called as a layout preview
  • Field: Flexible Content – get_flexible() now uses wp_enqueue_style() & wp_enqueue_script() when rendering on front-end
  • Field: Image – ‘No image selected’ text has been removed
  • Module: Dynamic Post Types/Taxonomies – Fixed ‘index key not found’ PHP warning (thanks @Val)
  • Module: Dynamic Post Types/Taxonomies/Options & Block Types – Added edit_posts capabilities matching the ACF capability setting
  • Tools: Dynamic Post Type Import – Fixed ‘capabilities key not found’ PHP warning during import process (thanks @Val)
  • General: Improved Metaboxes CSS on Gutenberg Editor views
  • General: Reworked JS enqueue. Flexible Content JS is now excluded from ACF Field Groups views

ACF Extended

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