ACF Extended Pro

  • Module: Global Field Location – Fixed Field Group Location escaping issues
  • Field Groups: Advanced Locations – Fixed Field Group Location escaping issues
  • Field: Payment – Fixed {field:payment} Template Tag output
  • Field: Flexible Content – Grid – Added translatable strings
  • Global: Country/Currency/Language – Added PHP filters to allow customization

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Form – Enhanced load/validate/submit/render hooks strategy
  • Module: Form – Fixed instruction placement undefined key warning
  • Module: Form – “Current Post” Target/Source now correctly use the WP Query loop post_id
  • Module: Form – Enhanced multiple forms on single page support
  • Module: Form – Added missing wpautop() on email content when using “Content Editor”
  • Module: Form – Fixed Taxonomy “Load Terms” & Image “Featured Thumbnail” compatibility
  • Fields Condition – Enhanced acf.newCondition closer to native ACF logic
  • Global: Updated French translation