• Field: Button – Added nominative JS hooks action('acfe/fields/button/before/name=my_field', response, $el, data);
  • Field: Button – Added nominative JS hooks action('acfe/fields/button/success/name=my_field', response, $el, data);
  • Field: Button – Added nominative JS hooks action('acfe/fields/button/complete/name=my_field', response, $el, data);
  • Field: Button – Deprecated JS hooks acfe/fields/button/before_ajax & acfe/fields/button/ajax_success. Replaced by acfe/fields/button/before & acfe/fields/button/success
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added generic acfe/flexible/thumbnail hook
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed a bug where 2 forms with 2 fields with the same name on the same page, will override default_value during render
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed a nasty bug with “Post Action” which could trigger an infinite loop when using Elementor & YOAST. See bug report: https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10998
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed jQuery not recognized on form success in some specific case
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Added “No form element” compatibility allowing validation settings to be applied when form tag isn’t printed
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed typo in “Custom Action” code example
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Added to the possibility to use get_field('my_field') to retrieve form input value inside acfe/form/load hooks
  • Module: Single Meta Save – Fixed hook arguments which could trigger a PHP error in some specific cases
  • General: Readme – Added Flexible Content Settings Modal example

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