• Field: Advanced Link – Added instructions to add custom fields in the field administration
  • Field: Advanced Link – Added filters acfe/fields/advanced_link/fields/name=my_field & acfe/fields/advanced_link/fields/key=field_xxxxxxx
  • Field: Advanced Link – Changed values keys to: typeurlposttitle & target
  • Field: Button – Updated JS hook acf.doAction('acfe/fields/button/before_ajax', $el, data)
  • Field: Button – Updated JS hook acf.doAction('acfe/fields/button/ajax_success', response, $el, data)
  • Field: Column – Fixed endpoint column not correctly closing the row
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added JS hook acf.doAction('acfe/fields/flexible_content/before_preview', $el, data)
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added JS hook acf.doAction('acfe/fields/flexible_content/preview', response, $el, data)
  • Field: Flexible Content – Clone/Copy/Paste – Fixed a problem where new select option values weren’t properly duplicated (thanks @chrisschrijver)
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Advanced settings: Fixed prepare_field on form front
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed a compatibility problem if a dynamic form was named form
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Rename field class to input class
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Fixed a problem where native ACF Form would not properly work (thanks @maximelessard)
  • Module: Dynamic Forms – Added Javascript to avoid re-submission on page refresh when ‘Hide form’ is set to ON

ACF Extended

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