ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: File – Fixed single file not being correctly saved when removed on Gutenberg screen
  • Field: Payment – Added PayPal Production & Test API URL in settings instructions
  • Field: Payment – Enhanced Stripe/PayPal JS enqueue on Gutenberg screen
  • Field: Payment Cart – Fixed multiline “Default Value” setting
  • Field: Phone Number – Fixed format value causing problem in some edge case
  • Field: Phone Number – Changed default “Return Format” to “Number”
  • Field Settings: Instructions More – Fixed ‐ in field settings instructions with ACF 5.10
  • Module: Dev Mode – Fixed “Object Data” modal on Post Screen when sidebar is fixed
  • Module: Forms – Fixed Shortcode Preview issue when the ACFE Form module was disabled
  • Module: Orphan Meta Cleaner Script – Added support of multi-sublevel clones seamless fields
  • General: Removed “No license key has been provided” annoying message on Updates Screen

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed WYSIWYG copy/paste layout feature with ACF 5.10
  • Fields: Fixed ACFE Modal position on Gutenberg screen
  • Module: Dev Mode – Added support of multi-sublevel clones seamless fields
  • Module: Enhanced UI – Added LearnDash Taxonomies compatibility
  • Module: Forms – Added acfe_form_format_value() back-compatibility with 3rd argument
  • Module: Forms – Enhanced “Save ACF Fields” instructions text
  • Module: Forms – Added “Post Excerpt” in the “Post Action” fields
  • Module: Settings UI – Fixed tabs badge count with ACF 5.10
  • General: Enhanced acfe_is_json() helper
  • General: Added acfe_is_block_editor() helper
  • General: Fixed typo in changelog
  • General: Enhanced french translation
  • General: Enhanced readme

ACF Extended

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