Minimum & maximum items is a global field setting that let you define a specific number of items that can or should be added by the user.

  • Order
  • Label
  • Name
  • Key
  • Type

Field Render

Field Group

Compatible Fields

This global field setting can be used with the following fields:

ACFPost Object (Multiselect)
ACFSelect (Multiselect)
ACFTaxonomy (Multiselect or Checkbox)
ACF ExtendedForms (Multiselect or Checkbox)
ACF ExtendedPost Statuses (Multiselect or Checkbox)
ACF ExtendedPost Types (Multiselect or Checkbox)
ACF ExtendedTaxonomies (Multiselect or Checkbox)
ACF ExtendedTaxonomy Terms (Multiselect or Checkbox)
ACF ExtendedUser Roles (Multiselect or Checkbox)

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