PROInline Post Create/Edit

The Post Object field includes new settings allowing users to create and edit post on-the-fly from the post edit screen.

Field Group
Add New
Add New
Setting nameDescription
Allow Post CreationAllow the user to create post in a modal. Allowed post types are based on the “Filter by Post Type” setting.
Allow Post EditAllow the user to edit the post in a modal.

Iframe Arguments

The iframe which handle the post creation and edit will use URL parameters, allowing developers to use them.
 * acfe_relation_type=add                      // action type (add/edit)
 * acfe_relation_field_key=field_63c7834ac15e2 // field key
 * acfe_relation_field_name=post_object        // field name
 * acfe_relation_post_id=270                   // original post id
 * acfe_relation_is_admin=1                    // original request from admin

It is possible to retrieve these arguments using $_GET or the acf_maybe_get_GET() function. Usage example:

add_filter('acf/prepare_field/name=my_field', 'my_prepare_field');
function my_prepare_field($field){
    // hide the field if inside the relationship iframe
    // originated from the front-end
    if(acf_maybe_get_GET('acfe_relation_is_admin') === '0'){
        return false;

    // return normally
    return $field;


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FREESave Custom Value

Field Group
Setting nameDescription
Allow & save custom valueAllow the user to create post by typing a custom value in the Post Object. The value entered will be used as Post Title
Post TypeThe new Post Type
Post StatusThe new Post Status

FREECustom Value Hooks

New Post Arguments

 * acfe/fields/post_object/custom_save_args
 * @array        $args     New Post arguments
 * @string       $title    Post title
 * @bool/string  $post_id  Current Post ID
 * @array        $field    Field array
filter('acfe/fields/post_object/custom_save_args',                         $args, $title, $post_id, $field);
filter('acfe/fields/post_object/custom_save_args/name=my_post_object',     $args, $title, $post_id, $field);
filter('acfe/fields/post_object/custom_save_args/key=field_60131c20e748f', $args, $title, $post_id, $field);
add_filter('acfe/fields/post_object/custom_save_args/name=my_post_object', 'my_acf_post_object_new_post_args', 10, 4);
function my_acf_post_object_new_post_args($args, $title, $post_id, $field){
    // add custom Post Content
    // see:
    $args['post_content'] = 'My post content';
    // stop post creation
    // return false;
    // Return
    return $args;


After Post Creation Hook

 * acfe/fields/post_object/custom_save
 * @bool         $new_post_id  Newly created Post ID
 * @string       $title        Post title
 * @bool/string  $post_id      Current Post ID
 * @array        $field        Field array
action('acfe/fields/post_object/custom_save',                         $new_post_id, $title, $post_id, $field);
action('acfe/fields/post_object/custom_save/name=my_post_object',     $new_post_id, $title, $post_id, $field);
action('acfe/fields/post_object/custom_save/key=field_60131c20e748f', $new_post_id, $title, $post_id, $field);
add_action('acfe/fields/post_object/custom_save/name=my_post_object', 'my_acf_post_object_new_post_action', 10, 4);
function my_acf_post_object_new_post_action($new_post_id, $title, $post_id, $field){
    // do something...
    // wp_mail();