Classic Editor

ACF Extended is bundled with a custom merged version of the Classic Editor & Disable Gutenberg plugins. This module is a global setting which is applied to all post types.

ACF Extended
Howdy, ACF Extended
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Enable the module

The Classic Editor module is disabled by default. It can be enabled and disabled in the Settings UIPRO, or with the following code:

// Using acf/init
add_action('acf/init', 'my_acfe_modules');
function my_acfe_modules(){

    // Enable Classic Editor
    acf_update_setting('acfe/modules/classic_editor', true);

// Or using acfe/init
add_action('acfe/init', 'my_acfe_modules');
function my_acfe_modules(){
    // Enable Classic Editor
    acfe_update_setting('modules/classic_editor', true);