Advanced Relationship

The Relationship field includes new settings allowing users to create and edit post on-the-fly from the post edit screen.

Field Group
      Add New

      Field Settings

      Setting nameDescription
      Allow Post CreationAllow the user to create post in a modal. Allowed post types are based on the “Filter by Post Type” setting.
      Allow Post EditAllow the user to edit the post in a modal.

      Iframe Arguments

      The iframe which handle the post creation and edit will use URL parameters, allowing developers to use them.
       * acfe_relation_type=add                      // action type (add/edit)
       * acfe_relation_field_key=field_63c7834ac15e2 // field key
       * acfe_relation_field_name=relationship       // field name
       * acfe_relation_post_id=270                   // original post id
       * acfe_relation_is_admin=1                    // original request from admin

      It is possible to retrieve these arguments using $_GET or the acf_maybe_get_GET() function. Usage example:

      add_filter('acf/prepare_field/name=my_field', 'my_prepare_field');
      function my_prepare_field($field){
          // hide the field if inside the relationship iframe
          // originated from the front-end
          if(acf_maybe_get_GET('acfe_relation_is_admin') === '0'){
              return false;
          // return normally
          return $field;

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