Categories Taxonomy

ACF extended adds a custom taxonomy for Field Groups, allowing developers to order & manage their field groups easily. The taxonomy called acf-field-group-category can be managed like any other WordPress taxonomy. The taxonomy can be edited from the “ACF > Categories” menu.

Assign Categories

Field Groups can be assigned to a specific Category just like any other Post Type, in the “Single” view on the right, in the “Categories” meta box.

Once assigned, the Category will be shown in the “Field Groups” List view. It is also possible to filter the view to display Field Groups assigned to a specific Catgeory by clicking on it. Note: The “Categories” column will be hidden by default if no Terms has been created.

Retrieve Categories

You can retrieve the Field Group Categories using the native WordPress function get_the_terms(). Usage example:

// Get Field Group Categories by ID
$field_group_categories = get_the_terms(37, 'acf-field-group-category');

// Get Field Group Categories by Key
$field_group = acf_get_field_group('group_5f20935b9a777');
$field_group_categories = get_the_terms($field_group['ID'], 'acf-field-group-category');

 * Array(
 *     [0] => WP_Term Object(
 *         [term_id] => 8
 *         [name] => Layouts
 *         [slug] => layouts
 *         [term_group] => 0
 *         [term_taxonomy_id] => 8
 *         [taxonomy] => acf-field-group-category
 *         [description] => 
 *         [parent] => 0
 *         [count] => 1
 *         [filter] => raw
 *     )
 * )