PRODynamic Choice Render

Change the choice render using a custom PHP output with new available hooks. This feature allow developers to fully customize choices and render the most complex templates.

Field Render

Field Group

Hook Usage

 * acfe/render_choice
 * @string  $input  Choice Input HTML tag
 * @string  $value  Choice value
 * @string  $label  Choice label
 * @array   $field  Field array
action('acfe/render_choice',                         $input, $value, $label, $field);
action('acfe/render_choice/type=radio',              $input, $value, $label, $field);
action('acfe/render_choice/name=my_radio',           $input, $value, $label, $field);
action('acfe/render_choice/key=field_60c6b1a8e3e6e', $input, $value, $label, $field);
add_action('acfe/render_choice/name=my_radio', 'my_acfe_render_choice', 10, 4);
function my_acfe_render_choice($input, $value, $label, $field){
    <div class="my-choice">
            <strong><?php echo $label; ?></strong>
            <div><?php echo $value; ?></div>

            <?php echo $input; ?>


Compatible Fields

The Dynamic Choice Render is compatible with all fields that actually render a checkbox or a radio, which includes dynamic fields such as Block Types, Post Types, Taxonomy Terms etc…

FREEGrouped Choices

Define grouped choices values using “## Title” markup in the field’s choices.

Field Group
Setting nameDescription
ChoicesYou may use “## Title” to create a group of options.