Field Render

Display an optional Payment Selector connected to the Payment Field which let the user switch the payment gateway.

Field Group

Field Settings

Setting nameDescription
Payment FieldSelect the Payment Field to connect with the Selector. If left empty, the system will attempt to retrieve the Payment Field within the same field group
Payment LabelsThe label to display for each gateways
Default ValueEnter each default value on a new line
Field TypeChoose the render type between Radio and Select
Field TypeThe cart render type
IconsWhenever to display gateways icons or not
LayoutChoose the layout
Stylised UIEnable Select2 UI style

Field Value

The value cannot be retrieved as the field isn’t saved as meta data.

Field Behavior

The Payment Selector will be displayed if the Payment Field is correctly connected to it (thru the “Select Payment Field” setting). Otherwise it will be automatically hidden. The field will list the gateways in the order defined in the Payment Field “Gateways” setting.