Advanced Editor

The WYSIWYG Editor field includes new settings allowing developers to have more control over the field behavior.

Field Group

Field Settings

Setting nameDescription
ToolbarNew “Basic Enhanced” toolbar
HeightDefine editor height. Min/Max Height if “Autoresize” is enabled
Valid ElementsSet custom valid HTML tags, comma-separated values. Ie: p,div,strong/b,em/i,br,a
Custom StyleAdd multiple comma-separated CSS files to be enqueued within the editor
Disable WP StyleRemove TinyMCE builtin stylesheets
AutoresizeEditor height will be based on the content size
Disable ResizeRemove the editor resize functionality
Disable PathHide the editor path status bar
Menu BarShow the menu bar on top of the editor
Transparent EditorSet the editor’s background as transparent
Merge ToolbarsGlue together all editor toolbars
Customize ToolbarEdit all 4 editor toolbars for this specific instance.
Auto initializationAutomatically initialize TinyMCE when shown (Delay initialization must be enabled)

Source Code Mode

In an effort to get rid of the native Visual & Text tabs, the WYSIWYG Editor is bundled with a Source Code button source_code, which opens the source editor in a modal.

This mode acts the same as the Text tab, but also takes advantage of the builtin WP CodeMirror library. The Source Code is fully compatible with WordPress shortcodes an all others sanitization.

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