Advanced Google Map

The Advanced Google Map is a collection of new settings added to the ACF Google Map Field that allow developers to have more control over the field behavior. This new settings also include a live preview of the field to show how it will be rendered in the post edit screen.

Field Group

Field Settings

Setting nameDescription
Map PreviewLive preview of the current map settings
CenterCenter of the initial map, with latitude and longitude coords
HeightThe map height
ZoomInitial zoom level, minimum & maximum allowed zoom
Maker ImageCustom image upload for the map marker
Map TypeDefine default map type: Map, Terrain, or both
Hide UIHide all UI settings (Zoom control, Map Type, Fullscreen & Streetview)
Hide Zoom ControlHide zoom control UI
Hide Map TypeHide map type selection
Hide FullscreenHide fullscreen UI button
Hide StreetviewHide streetview UI button
Map StyleApply custom map style in json format. Compatible with Snazzy Maps.
API KeyDefine Google Maps API key for this map

Retrieve Field Settings

It is possible to retrieve the field settings such as Height, Marker Image, Map Style etc… to use them on the front-end with the get_field_object() helper function. See documentation.

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