Field Render

Display a Language selector as radio, checkbox or select field type, also compatible with WPML & Polylang.

Field Group

Field Settings

Setting nameDescription
Allow LanguagesFilter which languages can be chosen
AppearanceSelect the appearance of this field
Display FlagDisplay flags next to the language name
Group by ContinentGroup languages by their continent
WPML/Polylang LanguagesDisplay languages set in WPML or Polylang
Display FormatUse specific display format using template tags {name} {native} {locale}
Default ValueEnter each default value on a new line
Return ValueReturn the country array, country name or country code
Allow NullAllow empty value
LayoutChoose the layout
ToggleAllow to toggle all values
Allow Custom
Allow custom value
Save Custom
Save custom value in the field settings
Select multiple valuesAllow multiple values selection
Stylised UIEnable Select2 UI style

Field Value

Value can then be retrieved using the common get_field() function. Usage example:

$slug = get_field('languages');

// fr_FR