FREEField Render

Display a modern UI of the ACF Date Time Picker field. CSS and icons have been enhanced to fit WordPress admin UI and colors. The field’s behavior hasn’t changed and acts the same.

Field Group

PROAdvanced Settings

Enable advanced settings for the Date Time Picker, including placeholder, date/time restriction and no weekends settings.

Field Group
Setting nameDescription
PlaceholderThe placeholder
Date RestrictionEnter a date based on the “Display Format” setting. Relative dates must contain value and period pairs; valid periods are y for years, m for months, w for weeks, and d for days.
For example, +1m +7d represents one month and seven days from today. See documentation
Time RestrictionMin/Max Time. String of the minimum time allowed. 11:00 will restrict to times after 11am. See documentation
Hour RestrictionMin/Max Hours, Min/Max Minutes, Min/Max Seconds
No WeekendsDisable weekends selection