ACF Extended adds a new location allowing to display ACF fields on Woocommerce pages.


Create a set of rules to determine edit screens

Show this field group if


Fields Values

By default, fields values are saved using the related page ID.

You can retrieve the value using the common get_field() function, in combination with wc_get_page_id() (see documentation).

Usage example:

$my_field = get_field('my_field', wc_get_page_id('cart'));      // cart page
$my_field = get_field('my_field', wc_get_page_id('checkout'));  // checkout page
$my_field = get_field('my_field', wc_get_page_id('myaccount')); // my account page
$my_field = get_field('my_field', wc_get_page_id('shop'));      // shop page
$my_field = get_field('my_field', wc_get_page_id('terms'));     // terms page