ACF Extended adds a new location allowing to display and update ACF fields on the WP Dashboard.


Create a set of rules to determine edit screens

Show this field group if

ACF Extended
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Field Group
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Fields Values

By default, fields values are saved using a custom Post ID: dashboard.

You can retrieve the value using the common get_field() function. Usage example:

// My Field
$textarea = get_field('my_field', 'dashboard');

Widget Arguments

it is possible to customize the widget arguments using the acfe/dashboard_widget_args fitler.

 * Dashboard Widget Args
 * @array   $widget       The widget arguments
 * @array   $field_group  The field group settings
 * @return  array
filter('acfe/dashboard_widget_args',                         $widget, $field_group);
filter('acfe/dashboard_widget_args/key=group_5ffeea53d3402', $widget, $field_group);
add_filter('acfe/dashboard_widget_args/key=group_5ffeea53d3402', 'my_acfe_widget_args', 10, 2);
function my_acfe_widget_args($widget, $field_group){
     * $widget = array(
     *     'title'           => 'My Field Group',
     *     'updated_message' => 'Widget updated.',
     *     'update_button'   => 'Update',
     *     'capability'      => 'edit_posts',
     *     'post_id'         => 'dashboard',
     *     'autoload'        => false,
     * );
    // change the saved post_id
    $widget['post_id'] = 'options';
    // return
    return $widget;