Get Field Value

The get_field() function can be used in Form & Actions hooks to retrieve the fields input values entered by the user during the form submission. In order to retrieve the field value from the database you must set a valid post ID as reference.

Following that logic, it is also possible to use others ACF functions such as have_rows() and get_sub_field() to interact with fields input or database values.

get_field('my_field')“my_field” Input value
get_field('my_field', false, false)“my_field” Input value (unformatted)
get_field('my_field', 128)“my_field” DB value
get_field('my_field', 128, false)“my_field” DB value (unformatted)

Get Action Output

The acfe_form_get_action() function can be used in form & actions hook to retrieve a previous action output. This function is useful to use a previous action data within the current action.

 * Get Action Output
 * @param   string  $action  Action type or name
 * @param   string  $key     Retrieve a specific key from the returned array
 * @return  mixed
acfe_form_get_action([$action = ''], [$key = ''])
acfe_form_get_action()Get the latest action output
acfe_form_get_actions()Get all actions output
acfe_form_get_action('email')Get the latest “E-mail” action output
acfe_form_get_action('post')Get the latest “Post” action output
acfe_form_get_action('term')Get the latest “Term” action output
acfe_form_get_action('user')Get the latest “User” action output
acfe_form_get_action('my-action')Get the action named “my-action” output
acfe_form_get_action('post', 'ID')Get the “ID” key from the latest “Post” action output

Form Success

The acfe_is_form_success() can be used to check if the current page is a Form Success Page. This helper can be useful to display a custom success message or in a multi-step setup. Usage example:

 * Is Form Success
 * @param   string  $form  Form name
 * @return  bool
acfe_is_form_success([$form = ''])
// Success Message

    echo '<h3>Thank you</h3>';
    echo '<p>The form has been successfully submitted.</p>';
    // Retrieve the ID of the created/updated post in a Post Action
    $post_id = acfe_form_get_action('post', 'ID');

    // Retrieve the title and permalink
    $title = get_the_title($post_id);
    $permalink = get_permalink($post_id);

    // Print info
    echo '<p><a href="' . $permalink . '">' . $title . '</a> has been created</p>';
// Render Form

        'name' => 'my-form'


Using that helper, we can setup multiple forms acting like steps on the same page. Usage example:

// No form was submitted

    // Display form-1
        'name' => 'my-form-1'
// Form-1 was submitted

    // Display form-2
        'name' => 'my-form-2'

// Form-2 was submitted

    // Display form-3
        'name' => 'my-form-3'


Import Json Form

It is possible to import exported Json form using the acfe_import_form() function. Usage example:

add_action('admin_init', 'my_acf_import_form');
function my_acf_import_form(){
    // retrieve json file
    $file = get_stylesheet_directory() . '/acfe-form-export.json';
    $content = file_get_contents($file);
    // import form

You only need to run that hook one time, so once the form is imported you can remove that code.