ACF Extended 0.7 “Flexible Content Update” is out!

The new ACF Extended patch is now available to everyone. Introducing some exciting additions to the Flexible Content field and some QOL changes for WordPress users.

Stylised Button

This new setting hide native ACF ’empty’ message and add style to ‘Add row’ button.

Empty Message

Let you customize the native ACF “click the Add Row button below…” message

Layouts Thumbnails

Add image thumbnails for each layout in the admin layout selection. This setting works with and without the new “Flexible Content Modal”

Layouts Render

Add template.php, style.css & script.js files for each layout. Those settings can be then accessed on the front-end.


Change the layout selection into a proper modal in the administration (identical to the medias modal)

  • Modal Title: Customize the layout modal title
  • Modal Columns: Set the columns grid layout. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 columns available
  • Modal Categories: Add a category for each layout in the layout modal

Layouts State

Force layouts to be collapsed or opened by default.

Button Label

Native compatibility fix to make it work with Dashicons

One Click Layout

In the post administration, the ‘Add row’ button will add a layout without the selection modal if there is only one layout available in the flexible content.

Settings Preview